Windows – Troubleshooting

  1. Install the Plain passwords solution for your PC. This time, using a browser on your PC, download the appropiate plain password for your machine. for win2k and winxp users, download the nt_2000 version.TipSave yourself a lot of grief, click on the required file, then In Firefox right click and select Save Link As.. In Internet explorer right click and select Save Target As. Once it’s downloaded a windows registry file will appear where you specified, (desktop is best) double click on the file, and follow the simple prompts.
  2. Check your Windows XP (Pro) Setting for Home Networking (this also applies to Win2k users)
    • Click on Start.
    • Open “My Network Places”
    • Select your “Local Area connection”
    • Right click on Icon and select Properties
    • Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    • Click on Properties
    • Select Advanced.
    • Select WINS.
    • Ensure Enable NetBios over TCP/IP is Selected
    • Click Ok, Ok and Close
  3. On windows click on Control Panel. and select “Users” or “User Accounts” open and select Advanced Tab at the top. Click on Advanced on the middle panel.  This opens up “Local Users and Groups”
  4. Click on Users folder icon, then from right window, select guest account, Check it is not disabled (has a red circle with an x next to the user face Icon). If it is disabled, right click on user guest, then select properties, Untick “Account is disabled” and for good measure tick “Password Never expires” even though one is not set.Whilst you are there select from the top menu in that window, Action > New User.
  5. As shown in the example above, add entries for your Amiga systems, and add a password too, it will be needed for smbfs later.
  6. Once you are done, reboot your PC.
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