Windows – Testing

Okay, as you may have seen by the guide so far, this is a three sided computer network, comprising of 2 Amiga computers and 1 Windows/XP PC all on the same workgroup – AZURE

Let’s see if it’s working shall we? on your windows PC click on:

  1. START
  2. My Network Places
  3. Entire Network.
  4. Microsoft Windows Network
  5. Click on the network icon depicting your workgroup name, e.g. Azure

Now if smb.conf is setup correctly clicking on your AmigaOne should open up with a folder on windows marked All (Please note that samba is a bit slow, so give it a few seconds). This is the contents of your AmigaOne Hard Drive with all it’s mounted partitions.

However if you are unable to open the AmigaOne from Network Neighbourhood, there are a couple of solutions to try, see Troubleshooting.

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