SMBFS – Windows

Finally we are almost at journey’s end. smbfs resides in your C drawer and will allow you to browse your PC wherever you need to access it or another computer Unarchive the files to Ram disk, copy smbfs to your C drawer and pay attention one last time.

Note: The way smbfs is configured for the purposes of this guide, is to allow the AmigaOne and the WindowsPC to be mounted from WBStartup

For the PC

Open Editpad or Notepad, depending on which Amiga OS you are using and copy and paste the following lines to it:

AmigaOne smbfs
wait 8
run >nil: SMBFS Volume="Music" Workgroup=azure User=AmigaXXXX Password=Amiga Service=//mikesamdxp2000/Music
Classic Amiga
wait 50
run >nil: SMBFS Volume="Music" Workgroup=azure User=AmigaXXXX Password=XXXX Service=//mikesamdxp2000/Music


Volume=Music { This is what will appear under the mounted disk icon
Workgroup=azure { Name of your workgroup here
User=AmigaXXXX { Enter the name of the account you gave your Amiga on the PC side.
Password=XXXX { The password given in your windows system for this computer, sometimes it’s necessary other times not.
Service=//mikesamdxp2000 { The name of the PC you want to log on to.
/Music { The Name of the shared drive or drawer you wish to access from your Amiga.


If you want to access the PC’s Drive or Folders you will need to set the drives or folders to share on the PC, then point smbfs to the path as above.
Unable to connect to the PC? Substitute the workgroup name for the name of your PC – It’s not known why this works, it just does)
Why Wait 8 or 50 at the at the start? SMBFS would not connect. 8 Seconds is ample time for WBStartup to finish it’s tasks and execute the script on OS4, whilst on Classic Amiga the wait somewhat longer.
When you have made the necessary adjustments, save the file to WBStartup (for example purposes, PC was used, you may call it whatever you wish) or elsewhere if you want to manually start it at a later time.
Finally, open a shell to where you saved the file ‘PC’ (for example WBStartup) and set the ‘PC’ script bit in the new file, with the following shell command…
Protect PC +s


Open up your WBStartup drawer click on the ‘PC’ file. click on the icon, and then pull down menu, Icon > Information. tick script and save.

Before re-booting or double clicking on your computer, open up your PC script, and copy the second line completely, open up a shell and paste the text there.
Remove the >:NIL bit from the text pasted and press enter. wait a few seconds and if the script and setup is correct, the Shared drive/drawer from the PC will appear on your workbench.

For example:

run SMBFS Volume=”Music” Workgroup=Azure User=AmigaXXXX Password=XXXX Service=//mikesamdxp2000/Music

Should it not work, you will get some useful feedback as to why it didn’t.


Save time, on your PC, “Map Network Drive” your AmigaOne or Classic Amiga to Workgroup/Network Neighbourhood.

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