Classic Amiga – Testing the Connections

Step 12 – Testing the connections

If everything installed works and Genesis is running, you should at the very least be able to Ping each machine.
Please note that NMBD on a classic Amiga can take up to a minute to initialise, please wait before checking ‘status’ from Shell
Classic Amiga OS does not come with a ping command as default, luckily Genesis does, so fish it out of the Genesis/serv Drawer and copy it into the C drawer.
Once complete, Open up a shell window and enter ping followed by the remote machine you are trying to connect to, i.e. a PC or another Amiga

For example:

Repeat this process for all the computers you wish to share the network with.

Once you have determined that your IP addresses ping back ok, try pinging with them with their netbios names as discussed in Step 8.

For example:

Finally, while you have a shell open, enter Status at the prompt (return) within the list that appears the words nmbd should be listed somewhere. If not check and double check your user-startup sequence.
Congratulations! You have installed samba! Please view the Windows and Smbfs sections of this site to ensure a trouble free network.

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