Classic Amiga – Making Changes Part Four – Users

Step 10 – Making Changes to Genesis

Still on Database, cycle through to ‘Users’ Click on ‘New’ and enter the following details per item as shown in screen shot below. as shown in screenshot screenshot.

USER=root Real Name=System Operator UID=0 GID=0 HomeDir=SYS: Shell=Noshell
USER=nobody Real Name=nobody UID=65534 GID=65534 HomeDir=SYS: Shell=Newshell
USER=pcguest Real Name=pcguest UID=500 GID=500 HomeDir=SYS: Shell=Noshell

Please note that the user ‘pcguest’ is no longer necessary as it has been superceded, by the user ‘nobody’ however if you have problems with connections etc, add in pcguest. it may help.

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