Amiga OS4.0+ – SMB Configuration

Step 11 – smb.conf

The following bit of text is a very simple setup of smb.conf it contains no security whatsoever.
If you need security, consult the help files in swat, as it is beyond the scope of this guide

Open up Notepad and copy and paste the following lines to the left only. Ensure that you modify the workgroup, netbios name, interfaces, etc to suit your needs.

# Global parameters
workgroup = azure
netbios name = AMIGAONE
interfaces =
security = share
password level = 20
username level = 20
log file = /t/samba.%m.log
max log size = 50
domain master = False
path = /
guestonly = Yes
guest ok = Yes
writable = Yes
workgroup – This is the name of your local area network or workgroup as defined in windows
netbios name – This is the name of your computer appearing on the network, else nmbd isn’t running
interface – The IP address of your computer. Change this to suit your own needs
path – The location you wish your other computers to access on your AmigaOne. in this case it’s all of the drawers/mounted drives
writable – Set this option to NO, if you don’t want anyone to able to write to these partitions/disks.
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