Amiga OS4.0+ – Preparing Archive

Step 4 – Preparing Archive

Now we need to do a bit of file moving so that we can make our samba archive work correctly.

  1. Open up the drawer marked “Install” on your RAM: disk, move it aside so that you can see the RAM disk window.
  2. Next click on the drawer marked Samba-2.2.5 and rename it to just plain samba (less of a headache).
  3. Open Samba drawer, move it aside, you will see within it, another drawer marked install.
  4. Open that drawer and move it aside.
  5. Within the newly opened drawer select the four drawers named, swat, log, private and lib and drag them out to the samba drawer this will give you five drawers, the four mentioned previously plus the now empty install drawer.
  6. Delete the Drawer marked Install withing the Samba drawer, it’s no longer needed.
  7. Now Click open the install drawer mentioned in substep one. it will contain a drawer called bin. Drag bin into samba.

All Done? If so, your RAM: Samba drawer should now look similar to this.

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