This website sets out the steps you must take in order to share files stored on your Amiga computer with other computers on your network.

The Samba network implementation supports  the following Operating Systems:

  • AmigaOS
  • Mac OS X, but not Lion
  • Windows 7 (Professional) and XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 98 ?
  • Windows 95 ?
  • Linux ?

Other Languages / andere Sprachen

Dieser Leitfaden ist auch auf Deutsch erhältlich.

Latest Information


Under OS4, Roadshow loads NMBD upon startup, it’s called from Servers, therefore the line, “Run >NIL: samba:bin/nmbd-D” Should be commented out if you are having problems with nmbd starting.

Setenv commands

This has become an urban legend, since 1995 the need to add the following lines is no longer necessary. i.e.
Setenv Save HOSTNAME (enter) { Hostname is the name you gave your AmigaOne or Amiga on the network
Setenv Save DOMAIN NAME (enter) { DOMAIN NAME the domain name you gave your workgroup. In this guide, ‘it’s azure’, hange it to the name you chose.
This has already been removed from the main site


Apparently is no longer required, as long as you have the user ‘Nobody’ installed, all should be well. You can probably comment or remove the line from your users in Devs/Internet.

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